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My Tryout Experience - Nannnii;K

Share Your Story: My Cheerleading Tryout Experience...

By Nannnii;Kaa

What kind of squad I tried out for...

I tried out for East Kentwood Freshman Team.

What I did at cheerleading tryouts...

When I tried out for cheer we had to perform the cheer and we had to do jumps. The coaches also gave us a chance to show our skills. I really was scared and I was nervous. I tried my best though. I was also there with a lot of my friends and I wasn't that focused. but I know this time that I really have to put my all into it.


  • Make sure your jumps are high and you don't goof off with your friends. [: I didn't make the team but I'm trying out again on the 23rd of November.

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