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Tryout Tips - Leeann

Share Your Story: My Cheerleading Tryout Experience...


What kind of squad I tried out for...

I tried out for the Shorland Firebirds, let me tell ya that team sure is awesome. The Firebirds is for a scholastic cheer squad. There was a lot of girls there and they just kept coming and I was getting nervous very very very nervous. WHOA!

What I did at cheerleading tryouts...

The girls showed a cheer and dance in groups of three or four or even on their own. None of the other girls wanted to in my group so I had to alone. I did not have an interview, we just danced and cheered. There were no judges only the coaches of the squad who picked the girls on the team.


  • When they said who made the team I was amazed. They said my name! On our first practice we learned some simple exercises and cheers and got a popcycle after practice. I did nothing different I did everything the same as the other girls who were on the team before. I did not know what made me make the team. I guess I was just successful. If I gave advice I just have to say try your best and just follow your dream. If you want to be a famous cheerleader, I just say go for it!

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