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Funny Cheer Stories - Aleisha

Share Your Story: Funny or Embarrassing Cheerleading Stories

By aleisha

Give Us Some Background on Yourself

I am 15 yrs old and a sophomore in high school. I have done cheerleading since I was about 6 yrs old. I started doing gymnastics at 18 months old. it was a bumblebees class. I am a high school cheerleader. I started at Cheer America, then went to Rocket then I stayed there until I was in middle school. I did rocket through middle school till my 8th grade year. I also did middle school competitive. after the two years of that i moved up to high school cheer for both sideline and competitive. I've been doing high school cheer for 2 yrs.

What Happened?

I was at a competition way up north and had to go to the bathroom like 3 minutes b4 it started my coach let me go. I was going to the bathroom and quickly finished and washed my hands. as I ran out of the i didn't realize that I didn't turn my skirt around so I had my skirt on backwards. lol. We were doing the star spangled banner and my cheer team was the closest team to the stands a Varsity team member looked at me and said "ugh Aleisha your skirt is on backwards" I just about died laughing. Thank God she told me because we were the first team to go on the mat.


  • laugh it off [=
  • just remember that the funniest things happen to the best people.
  • don't let it ruin ur day, night, weekend, or performance.
  • be yourself
  • know that later on you will be able to make a joke about it later

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