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Funny Cheer Stories - Heather

Share Your Story: Funny or Embarrassing Cheerleading Stories

By Heather

Give Us Some Background on Yourself

Scholastic cheerleading squad, i've been cheering since I was 3 im now 15.

What Happened?

My stunt group was doing a show and go for the first time, my flyer decided that when she went up she wanted to say hello(in a british voice) to everyone at cheer camp. When she came down, everybody started laughing because it was so random and funny. Thankfully we already had the show and go perfected when we first did it. When we put her down, she fell to the floor laughing. Her face turned bright red because everybody was just staring at us. We all started laughing we started crying. The flyer stood up, and she was like "Guys i laughed so hard i peed a little bit." it was one of those you had to be there things to laugh as hard as i did... but it was still the funniest thing that happened at cheer camp.


  • We couldnt stop laughing. We shook it off, when it was all over with, and moved on to the next stunt like nothing ever happened.

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