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Funny Cheer Stories - Mandy

Share Your Story: Funny or Embarrassing Cheerleading Stories

By mandy kay

Give Us Some Background on Yourself

I started cheering when i was 6 years old for my local rec center. After that I moved on to all star cheer and I got hurt and now im just cheering for the varsity squad at my high school. before I started back with cheer i was a gymnast, so I've got the tumbling and I'm only 100 lbs so I'm a good flyer.

What Happened?

my whole squad was doing flips and warming up and stretching for a pep rally and I was with my warm up partner, Darius. after stretching, we took off running and I wasn't paying attention so I did my round off and one back hand spring and when i went for my second one i realized there wasn't a lot of space left so when I did my front tuck... well, I ran into a wall lol


  • I laughed it off and finished the pep rally strong.. although I'll admit, I was a little sore for the game the next night.

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