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Funny Cheerleading Story - Jairca

Share Your Story: Funny or Embarrassing Cheerleading Stories

By Jairca

Give Us Some Background on Yourself

I cheered AllStar, I cheered for about 2 years. I'm 17 years Old.

What Happened?

I was at Americheer Power competition and we just got off the mat, and I went up the stands to say talk to my 2 older sisters and I set down in the stands to avoid standing in others way and when I stood back up my skirt and spankies rolled up showing my butt cheeks to the whole crowd. So horrible, I was so embarrassed. LOL


  • I laughed in embarrassment and my sisters and friends were laughing as well, but my advice is make shore your spankies are actually below your bottom before you stand up. avoid sitting unless u have something like shorts under your skirt other than spankies.

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