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Reader Stories: Why Do You Want to Be a Cheerleader?


What does it mean to you to be a cheerleader? Do you do it for the physical challenge or for the popularity aspect? What life lessons, if any, have you gotten from being a cheerleader? When asked, "Why are you a cheerleader" how do you answer?

Being a Cheerleader - Reanna

I've learned how to be a good person, get good grades, and how to be confident. I've also learned that all cheerleaders aren't mean and stupid. I have also learned that stupid stereotypes aren't alwa…More

Being a Cheerleader - Mera

I love cheerleading because Cheerleading has taught me to have trust in people and to believe people will be there for me no matter what. My squad is like my 2nd family i can always depend on them fo…More

Being a Cheerleader - Savannah

I have learned that you gain trusting friendships from your fellow team mates. I love it and have been competing in competitions with my team for a year now and don't intend to give it up just yet. U…More

Being a Cheerleader - Cheerrox

I've learned so many things from cheer that I can't even begin to explain them all. I've learned to trust, have dedication, determination, equality, and I learned how to always be excited and up for …More

Being a Cheerleader - ChEerChIcKa

I learned determination, strength, friendship, and trust. Cheerleading is something you just take in and breathe out it's worth every tear n sweat because at the end you always come out on top(; neve…More

Being a Cheerleading - Christina Barr

It has taught me hard work because when your practicing to become better it takes some sweat an tears determination because you have to be determined to keep the crowd going an to support your team r…More

Being a Cheerleader - Amber

That you should never give up i love cheer and i would never quit i have been discriminated against because of the outfits but i don't let it get me down it has changed my life in so many ways i have…More

Being a Cheerleader - Cheergurl

Ive learned leadership,working together,Standing with your head up high, Being strong,having a wonderful time,and how to be a grand champion! I love cheerleading i could say so many more things but 1…More

Being a Cheerleader - Sarahbby

cheerleading has taught me to take my own route towards things and always be a leader. it has changed my life in thousands of way i couldnt even explain. it showed me to give my all to everything i c…More

Being a Cheerleader - SabCampbell

I have learned that when you are a cheerleader people are watching you weather they like you are not and you have an impact on them and that motivate me to be a good role modle and always try my best…More

Being a Cheerleader - Alexis

Cheerleading has taught me to have trust in people and to believe people will be there for me no matter what. My cheerleading squad is like my 2nd family i can always got o them for anything if I'm h…More

Being a Cheerleader - Olivia

I think it helps to gain confidence and teaches you to trust others! I also believe it makes you feel good about yourself. I've learned to trust others from cheerleading and it's taught me new skills…More

Being a Cheerleader - LiLmamix3

I've never cheered before, but I think it is a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new things, and experience a whole new, different atmosphere altogether! you do so many ew things and push …More

Being a Cheerleader - paigeaniya089

I have learned that it doesn't matter what you look like you still can cheer and I believe you can do it and it changed my life because I thought I had to be skinny but I can be any size and shape. C…More

Being a Cheerleader - Kimberly

Trust your bases. Even if she/he doesn't seem strong they will never let you fall. Listen to your friends and teammates advice, they can see you, you can't. When trying a new stunt get spotters and d…More

Being a Cheerleader - Amanda

That you have to do a lot of exercise and learn a lot of jumps and yell loud it's not all bout being fat or skinny, it's about you doing all the stuff you have to do to get in cheerleading; that's wh…More

Why I Love Cheerleading - Actress_singer_cheerer

I've learned in cheerleading that it is a sport. You don't just dance around. It's much harder than it looks, if you mess up as a flyer, base, backspotter...you have to run laps or do push ups! Tumbl…More

Being a Cheerleader - Love_2_Cheer

Being a cheerleader is more than the cute, short, preppy skirts(even though their a plus). To me when your a cheerleader you need to be exactly what the name says, a leader. when you are a cheerleade…More

Why I Love Cheering - De'Adria

The lesson I have learn about cheering is that you have to always be full of energy! I have also learn to be very classy because some cheerleaders are very classy. My favorite cheerleading team is th…More

Natural Cheerleader

I've learned that its not whether your team wins or loses but it's your spirit that lets the crowd know they're not the only support. I learned teamwork, discipline, and most of all support skills. I…More

Being a Cheerleader - Cheer Girl

I've learned that, together we work, together we fall, we work as a team or we don't work at all. I've also learned that if you don't work together, you're just a bunch of people dressed alike. Anoth…More

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