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How Phil Logan Got FAME-ous!


Check out the first profile in my series of profiles on FAME All Stars. I caught up with an old friend, Phil Logan, and got the scoop on how FAME began, what they have achieved, and more.

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Wednesday Work Out: The 5-10-15-20

Wednesday April 23, 2014
Fun Size Candy Bars

I know, I know... It's not even close to Halloween. But admit it. You still have a few fun size candy bars knocking about. You may even be like me and keep them around the house as snacks so you aren't tempted to go for the full size instead.

Sadly, even those cute little bars pack a mean punch. Each bar hovers around the 100 calorie mark! So, how do you have your Snickers and eat it, too? You have to work for it! Or, in this case, work out for it.

Burn 100 calories fast with The 5-10-15-20 Work Out. You can even do it more than once and maybe sneak an extra bar. Maybe...

Coach's Eye: An App Review

Monday April 21, 2014
Checking Body Alignment With Coach's Eye

Coaches take note! If you aren't using Coach's Eye in your practices you are missing out on one of the best ways to troubleshoot and perfect skills.

Coach's Eye, an application for smartphones and tablets, allows you to video your athletes, slow down the video, identify good and bad technique, and make notations on the video for reviewing with your athletes-- making it an invaluable resource for coaches and athletes alike.

That's right, athletes. You can have friends and team mates video you with the app on your phone or tablet so you can study and perfect your technique.

Check out my review of the Coach's Eye App and let me know if you or your coach uses it and what you think of it!

Sunday Skills: The Straight-Up Extension

Sunday April 20, 2014
Straight-Up Extension

This Sunday, we are learning the Straight-Up Extension! This stunt is legal in high school and at USASF Level 2, but should only be attempted by teams who have mastered preps, cradles, and press-up extensions. The Straight-Up extension is a visually pleasing skill to add into your routines, thanks to its height.

While it may look challenging, many stunt groups will find the straight-up extension easier to master than the press-up extension because they can use the momentum from throwing the flyer's weight to lift the stunt through to the top.

Don't forget-- you need a qualified coach and safety mats to perform all stunting skills. Be sure to be safe whether learning a new skill or practicing one you have done a million times.

If your stunt group is ready for a new challenge, check out Sunday Skills: The Straight-Up Extension.

Chatting With Shanika Caudle

Saturday April 19, 2014
Shanika & Friends

Behind every successful program is at least one coach with the heart and drive to make a difference in the lives of their athletes. In the case of FAME All Stars, there are many coaches who fit that description. I asked Phil Logan to recommend a coach I could profile who goes above and beyond for FAME. He knew just the coach...

Shanika Caudle, a coach at FAME All Stars, provides a firm foundation for FAME. She is not only the coach for a number of teams, she is also in charge of registrations. That's a hefty job in a gym the size of FAME! According to Phil, Shanika is a fantastic coach with a big heart who truly puts the gym, her athletes, and her fellow coaches first.

Recently, I interviewed Shanika about her role as a coach in motivating teams, building athletes, and managing the busy office at the gym. Find out what she had to say in 'Shanika Caudle- Putting FAME First'.

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