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Sunday Stunts: The Straight-Up Liberty

The liberty cheerleading stunt, also known as the lib, has quickly moved from coveted to compulsory for stunt teams. It is a one-leg skill, meaning the flyer stands on one leg while lifting the other into the air. The liberty is the foundation for skills which showcase a flyer’s flexibility, such as the heel stretch, scorpion, and spike. 

Sort Out Your Stunts
Cheerleading Spotlight10

My Favorite DIY Trail Mixes

You can pick and choose what you want to add in, creating a snack which you love that is also healthy. If you aren’t feeling adventurous and would rather go with tried and true recipes, here are few of my favorites to try.

Build A Better Snack:

You can make your own trail mix to suit your mood or tastes at home.

Making Memories:

Get the most of out camp and go home with lasting memories, new friends, and exciting skills by following these tips.

Tuesday Tumbling: The Roundoff

The roundoff differs from the cartwheel in that as the body passes through the vertical, handstand position in the skill, the legs are brought together and the hips swivel to allow the tumbler to snap her legs down and land on two feet facing backward.

Friday Flexibility: Improve Your Back & Shoulder Flexibility With Backbends

Back and shoulder flexibility are vital in a number of skills for tumbling, stunting, jumping, and even dancing.

Tuesday Tumbling: The Standing Back Handspring

The back handspring is a distance skill, meaning it is meant to move the cheerleader across the floor. For this reason it is popular in tumbling passes and often precedes more difficult skills, such as tucks and fulls.

Fresh, Fit, & Fierce

When our athletes are not their best, they do no perform well in practice. Follow these four tips to stay your best all summer long.

Tuesday Tumbling: The Standing Back Tuck

The standing back tuck is allowed at United States All Star Federation Level 4 and up, while the back tuck proceeded by a round off in a running pass is allowed at Level 3.

Tuesday Tumbling: The Roundoff Back Handspring

The roundoff back handspring is very effective at moving the cheerleader across the floor, so it has become popular in cross-floor tumbling passes.

OSU's Brian: Strength In Stunting

The last profile from Oregon State University Cheer and Dance, comes from Brian. Brian is one of several guys on the university’s cheerleading team. Here’s what Brian said when I asked him ‘12 Questions’.

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