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Sunday Stunts: The Straight-Up Liberty

The liberty cheerleading stunt, also known as the lib, has quickly moved from coveted to compulsory for stunt teams. It is a one-leg skill, meaning the flyer stands on one leg while lifting the other into the air. The liberty is the foundation for skills which showcase a flyer’s flexibility, such as the heel stretch, scorpion, and spike. 

Sort Out Your Stunts
Cheerleading Spotlight10

Tuesday Tumbling: The Roundoff Back Handspring

The roundoff back handspring is very effective at moving the cheerleader across the floor, so it has become popular in cross-floor tumbling passes.

OSU's Brian: Strength In Stunting

The last profile from Oregon State University Cheer and Dance, comes from Brian. Brian is one of several guys on the university’s cheerleading team. Here’s what Brian said when I asked him ‘12 Questions’.

Oregon State Cheerleading and Dance:

Cheerleading is truly a passion for Amber and that shows in her leadership. I asked her to tell us a little more about the Oregon State Cheerleading and Dance program and here is what she said...

OSU's Emily-- Future Engineer!

It’s time for another cheer profile! This time I am featuring Emily Luke, from Oregon State Cheer and Dance.

OSU's Jasmine: Passion & Personality

This week we are chatting with Jasmine Shannon from OSU’s dance team. For Jasmine, dance is a true calling and in our profile she speaks of her passions and aspirations.

Monday Motions: 'Shine!' (Part Two)

‘Shine’ is a great way to entertain your fans during a game or a pep rally. It fits with any sport and can also be used as an encouraging start or finish to an all star practice or event.

Flying Right (Part Three):

Body control refers to the ability to tighten muscles and keep body parts where they are supposed to be.

Spotlight On: OSU's Megan

This month I am profiling Oregon State University’s fantastic cheer and dance program! Today, let’s have a chat with Megan Phillips, assistant coach for the 2014-2015 season.

Monday Motions: 'Shine' (Part One)

This cheer is fun and perfect for entertaining your fans in the stands while you’re on the sidelines. The words should be shouted loud and crisp and motions should be kept sharp and precise.

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