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Cheers, Chants and Yells for Cheerleaders

Collection of Cheers, Chants and Yells Submitted by Cheerleaders


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This week's collection of cheers, chants, and yells that cheerleaders have submitted and shared. Add your own words, change them up a bit or use them as they are. We hope you enjoy them.

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Submitted by:M526geminigurl
Wolverine fans we want to see you (stomp twice, then clap)
Stand Up (stomp twice, then clap)
Repeat 3x's).

Submitted by:JenniferJer
Hey, hey are you ready, are you ready to strut your stuff?
Hey, hey are you ready, are you ready to get fired up?
Get fired up, Bearcats, get fired up!

Submitted by:Stacey
1234 how do you think we got that score?
We fight yeah yeah yeah
We fight yeah yeah yeah (repeat)
Let's go (team name)!

Submitted by:Paige
Valley Vikings, we're back again.
Comin' prepared and ready to win.
We won't be defeated and we won't be outdone.
'Cause Valley Vikings are number one!

Submitted by:Nina
Do you believe in winning (clap)
Well we believe in that (clap)
So come on crowd let's hear it (clap)
For the Tigers (clap)
(clap) Oh yeah
(clap) Let's hear it orange- and- black
(orange- and- black)
Can't hear you
(orange- and- black)
So come on team let's go (clap)
Get a touchdown, score a point
Let's win this game
We're friendly, we're nice
We're your everyday team
Both teams are number 1
But Tigers are the best!

Submitted by:Sk8tergrrl
1 We are the Raiders
2 We still can't hear you
3 Shout a little bit louder
We are number 1!

Submitted by:Jani14
Harvest Huskies are what?
Red Hot!
Harvest Huskies are what?
Red Hot!
Harvest Huskies are R-E-D
with a little bit of
O baby
red hot
red hot, red hot

Submitted by:Lauren
Note:1st half of cheerleaders says the stuff, 2nd half repeats after each line.
As coming onto field/floor:
Ooh, how ya feel, Ooh, I feel good!
Everywhere we go-o!
People wanna know-o!
Who we are!
So we tell them!
We are the Knights (or name of team)!
The mighty, mighty Knights (or name of your team)!
As coming off field/floor:
Ooh, how ya feel, Ooh, I feel good!

Submitted by:Samantha
Stand up and cheer!
Let 'em know were here!
C'mon (team name) don't be lame!(team name)(toe touch or herkie)
You'll win the game!

Submitted by:Bri
We're Back!
And better than before
LaPorte, Slicers
Are here to rock the floor
So come on crowd get with us
Stand up on your feet
The Slicers xxx
We won't be beat

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