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Soft Spikes Curlers

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Soft Spikes Curlers
Soft Spikes Curlers

The Bottom Line

These curlers are a great idea. They are easy to use and wonderful to sleep in. If you're looking for a cute and different way to wear your hair, you should try Soft Spikes Curlers.


  • Easy to Use and Durable
  • Great to Sleep in
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Hair Might Get Tangled in Tips


  • Foam, spongy rods. One end is pointed and the other has a hole for the pointed end to slip in.
  • They come a wide variety of colors which you can mix and match.
  • Comfortable, durable and fun.

Guide Review - Soft Spikes Curlers

Designed by a mother, Soft Spikes are a unique idea. They are very easy to use and extremely comfortable to wear. They allow you to acheive ringlet curls with very little effort. With the active lifestyle of Cheerleaders Soft Spikes will let you have an easy and different way to style your hair. The wide variety of colors make it possible for you to go out in public with your hair in curlers and show your team spirit. This is definitely a product your whole squad should try.

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