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Readying for Cheer Camp
What to expect at Cheerleading camp and tips on how to get ready
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"What should I expect at camp? What does it consist of? SCARED!"
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Cheerleading camp is a time to learn, bond and have fun. If it is your first experience at camp, you might be a little nervous about what to expect. But, there really isn't anything to be worried about, you'll be so busy at camp, you won't have time.

Most likely cheer camp will be the first time your new squad is away together, so you might consider doing some joint activities before you leave. Go out to dinner, go to a movie, have a sleep-over. Get to know each other away from cheering. It's important that everyone starts thinking as a team and not individually. Find some common ground with the other squad members and stay focused. Avoid fighting, favoritism, and anything else that will divide your team. Consider dressing alike at camp. Buy matching T-shirts, shorts, or hair bows in your school colors.

Cheer camp is a time of intensive training and you'll need to be physically fit when you get there. It would be a shame to experience an injury before your Cheerleading season even starts. So prepare yourself physically. Build up your stamina, your flexibility and your strength. Do some running, aerobics, and stretching. Most injuries can be prevented by using common sense, knowledge and safety.

Don't overlook your voice. You will be doing a lot of yelling and cheering at camp; learn how to use your voice correctly. Cheer from your diaphragm so you don't strain your vocal cords. Also, lower your pitch a tad, that way your voice projects better, but doesn't sound unnatural.

Be prepared to listen, take notes and pay attention. If you have questions, ask them. You'll only get out of camp what you're willing to put into it. If your camp offers contests or competitions, try to enter as many as you can. This will help you learn to perform in front of other people and compete as a team. Don't take criticism personally, if you have an attitude, leave it at home. Be open to suggestions and new ideas.

Your coach or advisor will probably have a list of items you should bring, but don't forget your camera for those special Kodak moments. You'll be meeting new people, making friends, and sharing memories; you'll definitely want to capture all that on film.

Most importantly, bring lots of spirit and have fun!

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