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Laughing it Off
Part five: More user submitted funny/embarrassing Cheerleading moments.
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Top Ten Reasons to Cheer "You get to be the center of attention :) - You get to wear cute little outfits - You get to be close to some of the best looking guys in school"
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Here are more funny Cheerleading stories that were recently submitted.

Submitted by: Laura
"Embarrassing Moment"

It was basketball season and we were at our final game. The guy I liked was there.

It was 1:59 before we went out to cheer for half time. The other team was getting VERY aggressive and wouldnt let our team get a hold of the ball. Once one of the players got a hold of the ball, one of the other players on the other team jumped on him but he got knocked out of the way, but since he did it with such force he fell backwards and fell on to the side lines but there was a door behind me, so somehow he grabbed on to my arm and took me with him while he fell out the door.

Of course I got thrown in the snow because it was with such force. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING and of course the guy I liked was laughing his head off.

Submitted by: Mary
"Holy Bloomers"

Our Cheerleading squad is like the best jr high squad around and we are better than a lot of the High School squads.

Well we were cheering at a tournament so like all the squads from around here were there and it was at half time and we were doing our extensions into basket toss and i was the person going up in the extension. Well one of my friends looked up and was like you have a big hole in your bloomers and i was like so embarrassed.

So whenever we did the basket toss every1 saw the hole and the people that didnt see it my friends told them i was like so embarrassed. !

Submitted by: Caitlin <0
"WARNING: Don't Eat Candy and Dance!"

At camp, 4 out of about 9 girls and 2 coaches were in the cabin. One was in the shower, and the other 3 of us were pumpin' *NSYNC out of the Boom Box and pigging out on a industrial size bag of Swedish Fish.

After numerous pranks including "Oh my gosh! There is a bat in the cabin!" This was the funniest thing. We were dancing and eating, And all of a sudden Kris was gagging. We thought she was joking, but she ran into the bathroom. She told us she needed water. I didn't know what to put it in, So I grabbed a party hat from my cubby. Of course, I did not realize that there were holes in the bottom of the hats! Water was everywhere, but we saved Kris! ( And we finished the Swedish Fish!)

Submitted by: Caitlin <0
"'These yours?"

This happened to my Mom when she was about my age.

Years ago, at competition, all participants would half to stand at ease for a nerve-racking 'inspection.' They would make sure they had the appropriate attire and so on. Everyone in the gym would be very quiet.

Suddenly out of nowhere, my Mom's Dad stands up, holding her bloomers and screams, "Lisa! Forget Something?" She was so embarrassed, but luckily, the pair of lollipops her dad had were extras, and she was fully clothed!

Submitted by: Caitlin <0

At Camp, during the Talent Show, one squad did a routine in which one person lay on their back with a blanket covering their body, and the other person sat on them straddled with her legs covered. They went on to do a routine of jumps, stretching and splits, with the other person moving their legs.

Everyone was laughing hysterically, except my co-captain Kelly. She is sitting their frowning... until about 2 minutes into the hilarious routine, she yells cluelessly, "Oh my gosh! Its not their legs!" !

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