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Laughing it Off
Part Ten: More user submitted funny/embarrassing Cheerleading moments.
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Top Ten Reasons to Cheer "You get to be the center of attention :) - You get to wear cute little outfits - You get to be close to some of the best looking guys in school"
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Game day giggles continued. Enjoy these laughs and be sure to submit yours.

Submitted by: Ashley

I am one of the loudest people on my Cheerleading team. One day while we were at one of the games, I wasn't paying attention and I heard the announcer say "touchdown." Well I started yelling as loud as I could. Everyone started staring at me and I realized that the other team had scored the point!!!

I was so embarrassed!!!! My face turned completely red.

Submitted by: Tina
"She Nose it All"

Well, This isn't really about me but it's about one of our Senior girls from last year. She was the best tumbler that we had. She'd been taking gymnastics and tumbling classes since she was very little. Our squad doesn't really focus on gymnastics all that much so she did all the gymnastics and was always in the spotlight because of it, like she liked to be.

Anyway, at one of our last home (Basketball) games she gets ready to strut her stuff and she gets really psyched because her crush walked in so she decided to go all out to show off. She decided to do backhandsprings all the way across the gym. Well she started going so fast she couldn't really see where she was going and she went all the way to the wall and hit it face first. Luckily she hit one of the mats we hang on the wall below the goal for basketball so she didn't get hurt all that bad. But she either fractured or broke her nose. I can't remember because shortly after that she moved! OOPS!

Submitted by: Sarah
"Forgetful me"

Last year it was my 1st year cheering for my high school. When I went up to do my basket toss my friend Breandon (who is also on the squad) told me that I didn't have my spankies on, being so nervous I must have forgot them!! So at the prep rally we all had to do our straddles in front of the whole school so it was my turn, I did it and being so worried about my spankies not being on I screwed up the whole jump and landed on my butt!

Submitted by: Ali
"Oh No"

I was at competition and we were doing a basket toss. I was flying. I forgot my spankies but luckily I had green undies on. Well here it came the big basket toss. This was a flip baskettoss. My skirt flew right off!!! Completely off! Now I did have on green undies, but there was a big pink flower on the front, the judges thought it was quite funny, but my friends and squad were devastate. I was so angry!!!!! We did get first though.

Submitted by: Danielle
Titled: "Megaphone Mishap"

Okay...I tried out for my school's varsity spiritline at the end of my freshman year, and I made both the football and basketball varsity squads. I was so psyched for my first football game, and it went awesome! Since the coaches and the captains considered me to be a better cheerleader than some of the others, I was put in the front line. I didn't mess up once and my coaches were continually complimenting my techniques.

However, the game against our arch rivals came. Everyone in our school was there. I prepared to do one of my awesome russians and I noticed my crush standing off to the side watching me. I continued with my jump and hit it at an incredible height, but when I landed, my feet hit a megaphone rather than the ground. The megaphone flew backwards knocking one of my friends over, and I landed on my butt in complete astonishment. I was so embarrassed, but I just got up and started cheering my team on. However, there happened to be a girl in the stands who refused to let me forget my fall. I was antagonized the rest of the night by her and all of her posse. To make matters worse, my crush sat next to her and helped her in tormenting me!

Submitted by: Sarah
Titled: "In Bounds...Out of Bounds...Who Can Really Tell"

We were at an away basketball game and there wasn't much room between the bleachers and the court. So we were jammed into this teeny tiny space, trying to do sidelines. We were right in the middle of one, when a ball came flying right at my head. My hand automatically flew up in front of my face and swatted at the ball. Little did I know that when I hit the ball, it was still in bounds! Not only was the whole gym full of people laughing at me, but our team got a penalty, too! I was humiliated!

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