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Cheerleading Hair Accessories

Here you'll find everything from ribbons and bows to hair extensions. If you're looking to add that special touch to your hair, here's some excellent ideas and resources.

Salon Grafix Hair Products
Salon Grafix hair care products work exceptionally well for cheerleaders.

Custom Cheerleading Hair Bows from PowerBows™
PowerBows™ Custom Logo Cheerleading Bows

Micabella Crystal Hair Charms
Micabella Glisten Hair Charms

Cheerleading Bows from Cheer Bows Etc.
Cheer Bows Etc. Custom Cheerleading Bows Review

Pomchies Hair Accessories for Cheerleaders
Pomchies Hair Accessories for Cheerleaders Guide Review

PowerBows Hair Bows for Cheerleaders
PowerBows Hair Bows for Cheerleading

Yella Ribbon Hair Bows
Cheerleading Hair Bows by Yella Ribbon.

Fun Bows Product Review
Fun Bows - Bows and hair accessories for cheerleaders

Going for a New Look with Your Hair
The curly ponytail, while very functional for a Cheerleader, gets kind of old. Kristina in our forum probably expressed most Cheerleader's attitude about them when she said, "I am kind of bored with just the high curly ponytail ya know?!" So, if you're going for a new look in a cheer hairdo, here are some tips and suggestions.

The Kurler-Kozy is a great idea. It's the perfect way to cover your curlers and show your spirit at the same time. You'll never have worry about leaving home with curlers in your hair again.

Cheerleader Hairpieces
Want to achieve that curly ponytail look without all the hassle? Try Cheerleader Hairpieces. They come in a wide variety of colors, are easy to use and the look is perfect.

Divas Hair Streaks
"Little pieces of Attitude" that are fun and easy to wear. Come in a wide variety of colors that make it possible to show your team spirit.

Soft Spikes Curlers - Product Review
These curlers are a great idea. They are easy to use and wonderful to sleep in. If you're looking for a cute and different way to wear your hair, you should try Soft Spikes Curlers.

All kinds of cheerleader accessories. Sports bows, pom pons, megaphones, certificates, jewerly and much much more. A good site for cheerleader gifts too.

Cheer Bows Etc
Custom cheerleading hair bows are an essential part of your total look. Our bows compliment your uniforms and are custom made for your team.

Curlz and Bows
Specializing in hairpieces for Cheerleading, Cheerleaders, Gymnists, Models and Pageants. Drawstring curly hairpieces and accessories.

Diva Hair Streaks
Colored hair extensions that you treat just like real hair. They clip in and are easy to use. Tiny bits of color with an attitude.

Fun Bows
Fun Bows specialities include cheerleading hairbows, custom made for individuals as well as entire squads. For years they have delighted cheerleaders with hairbows designed to compliment their uniforms. Learn more at their site.

Lori's Cheer Bows
Cheerleading hair accessories, spirit pins and scrunchies. Order online.

Power Bows take ordinary designs and make them Extraordinary! If you are looking for the Best Quality with a Unique twist, you have found the right place.

Soft Spikes Curlers
Founded by Ellen Kelley in 1996, Soft Spikes began after a long search for a better curler for Ellen's Irish dancing daughter, Robin. Standard curlers were hard to use, uncomfortable (especially when sleeping), and did not make the best curls, so Ellen decided to manufacture her own. They come in a wide variety of colors to match your school colors.

Tail Lights - Light Up Hair Scrunchie
This is a unique and fun product that is sure to be a hit with your cheerleaders and fans. Available in various colors and reasonably priced, Tail Lights are all the rave. Learn more at their Web site.

The Ultimate Bow
At THE ULTIMATE BOW, they provide custom, high-quality, handmade Cheer Bows, Competition Bows, Dance Bows, Sports Bows and Spirit Bows at great prices. They will design your ULTIMATE BOW specifically per your cheer requests!

Tie a Yella Ribbon
Stand out in the competition cheerleading crowd with bows and ribbon from Yella Ribbon. They offer the latest designs in hair bows for competitive cheer athletes. And offer custom hand made bows in many different styles. Browse their site for more information.

TotallyCheer sells over 400 cheerleading products for cheerleaders of all ages. From uniforms to accessories you'll find a complete line of cheer merchandise here.

You Go Girl Cheer Bowz
Here you'll find tons of beautiful, crazy, fun, creative, sparkly and glitzy bowz...JUST LIKE YOU! Whether you are an All Star Program, a Recreation League, a High School or University...you are sure to find great looking bowz for your cheer squads.

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