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Cheerleading Fun Stuff and Trivia

Cheerleader fun stuff including screensavers, clipart, postcards, survival kits, gifts, cheerleader free stuff and lots more.

Most Common Cheerleader Names
What do you think are the most common first names for female Cheerleaders? Do you think they follow the pattern of the U.S. census? Well, we conducted an unofficial survey to find out and here are the results.

All Star Cheer Challenge PC Game
If you love Cheerleading, you'll love this computer Cheer game by Game Child Interactive with music by SpiritMix.com. Plan on spending hours with your squad in your quest of a National title.

Animated Cheerleading Screen Saver
Get your copy of our animated Cheerleading Screen Saver. Made exclusively for the About Cheerleading site and it's free!

Cheerleader Interactive Calendar
View our Cheerleading Interactive Calendar. Watch for upcoming air dates, competitions, announcements, and more. Be sure to add your own events.

Funny Cheerleading Stories
Cheerleaders have a knack for making people smile, but on some occasion the laugh can be on them. In good spirit, Cheerleaders share their most embarrassing and funny moments.

Cheerleader Pen Pal
Would you like to find someone to share your Cheerleading experiences with? Meet new friends that have the same interests you do? Try our new Cheerleader pen pal section.

Laugh it Off
No one can say Cheerleaders don't have a good sense of humor. Read some of our user submitted funny/embarrassing Cheerleading stories.

Seek a Word
See if you can find these Cheerleading terms in this fun puzzle.

When To Cheer and When Not to Quiz
Take this fun quiz and see if you know when it's proper to cheer and when it isn't.

Whose Cheerleaders Are These?
Think you can identify a NFL team by their Cheerleader's uniforms? See how well you do.

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