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Tryout Information for Cheerleading and Dance

Explore the many resources for information on trying out for a Cheerleading or Dance team position. All Stars, High School, College, University, NFL, NBA, and other Professional teams.
  1. Learn Cheerleading - Inf...
  2. Tryout Tips and Advice (13)
  3. NFL Cheerleader Try Outs (11)
  4. NBA Tryout Information (6)
  5. College Try Outs (7)
  6. Cheerleading Scholarships (41)

Disney Channel Orders Musical Pilot "Zombies and Cheerleader"
Disney Channel Orders Musical Pilot "Zombies and Cheerleader"

Collection of Cheers for Football or Tryouts
Try using one of these cheers if you have an upcoming tryout.

How Do Your Relationships Affect Your Cheerleading
How do your relationships with your boyfriend, family and friends affect your cheerleading?

My Cheerleading Tryout Experience...
Cheerleaders' tips and advice on trying out for cheerleading.

Didn't Make the Cheerleading Squad? Then, Hire a Lawyer...
Texas girl doesn't make her high school cheerleading squad and hires a lawyer to fix it.

Why You Didn't Make the Cheerleading Squad
What to Know When Trying Out for a Cheerleading Squad

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader - Book
Cheerleading Book Review of Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader

Cheer in College
Cheer in College Web Site

Why Can't Everybody be a Cheerleader?
Cheerleading Article on Concept of Everbody Cheers. Can Everybody be a Cheerleader?

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