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Chants and Yells for Cheerleading

Collection of Chants Submitted by Cheerleaders


Two cheerleaders supporting third cheerleader with megaphone
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Here's a good collection of cheerleading chants. They have been submitted by cheerleaders and cover a variety of sports.

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Submitted by: Kimberly
Dribble it (clap,clap)
Pass it (clap,clap)
Let's (clap) make (clap) a basket!

Submitted by: Foxcheer09
Go, fight, win tonight,
Hey (clap) let's fight!

Submitted by: sbpartygirl2004
We're gonna win tonight,
We're gonna win tonight,
We're gonna w-i-n win tonight!

Submitted by: Rachel
Go green,
Go white,
Go (team's name) alright!

Submitted by: Brittany
Victory ohh yea
Grab that V,
Now dot that I,
And grab that c-t-o-r-y

Submitted by: Krissy
Hey Bushmen (team name)
What do you say?
Let's hear you yell the PBH way

Submitted by:Julissa
Score,(team), score (clap clap) (Repeat 5 times)

Submitted by: Ambsy
Raise your spirits,
Raise them high!
Kiss those Tigers bye bye!

Submitted by: Amber
Cheer for the Cards,
Cheer for a win,
C'mon crowd yell

Submitted by: Krystal
Action, action
We want action!

Submitted by: Becky
Down the field,
Down the field,
Over the line,
Touch down, boys,
One more time!
(repeat 3 x's)

Submitted by: Ludie
Whip it to a victory
Whip it whoo
Whip it good

Submitted by: Jill
All you got to do is put your mind to it
Buckle down,
Buckle down,
Do it, do it, do it!

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