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Cheers, Chants and Yells for Cheerleaders

Collection of Cheers, Chants and Yells


Female cheerleader shouting into megaphone
Victoria Snowber / Digital Vision / Getty Images
Here's our latest collection of cheers, chants, and yells that cheerleaders have submitted.

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Submitted by: Bri
Let's get physical
Get down, get hard, get mean
Let's get physical
And beat that other team!

Submitted by: Bri
Hey, Hey
Hey hey are you ready?(clap, clap)
Are you ready?(clap,clap)
To play(clap)
Say go team(clap)
Go team(clap)
Panthers all the way!

Submitted by: Cheerlvr_94
You might be good at basketball
You might be good at track
But when it comes to football
You might as well step back
Might as well step back
Say what?
You might as well step back
Can't hear you
Might as well step back
Go (team name)!

Submitted by: JayT
(repeat 4x)Y-E-L-L
Everybody YELL YELL

Submitted by: Bubblez47
Let's get fired up
Get rough, get tough, get mean
Let's get fired up
and roll right over that team!
(repeat 3 times)

Submitted by: Jasmine
Hey Hey
You get out of our way
Today is the day
We will put you away!

Submitted by:Tia
We're number one
Can't be number 2
And we're going to beat
The whoopse out of you!

Submitted by: Miranda
Hold that line, Defense,
It's party time, Defense Push em back
Sack that quarterback!

Submitted by: AshleyNicole
Hey Hey it's time to fight
Everybody yell blue and white(or any colors)
Hey hey let's do it again
Everybody yell GO FIGHT WIN
Go, Fight, Win!
Go, Fight, Win!

Submitted by: Tea
Defense, Defense
Get that ball!

Submitted by: Chantal
Hey, You *Black Knight* fans,
Stand up and clap your hands!
Go *Knights* Go,
Go *Knights* Go!
Hey, You *Black Kngiht* Fans
Now let's see you wave your hand!
Go *Knights* Go, Go *Knights* Go!
Go *Knights* Go, Go *Knights* Go!

Submitted by: Jessica
Wildcats are ready
Wildcats are smooth
Wildcats will take control
And stomp all over you!

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