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Cheer Chics' Charm Necklaces

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Cheer Chics Necklaces with Charms

Cheer Chics Necklaces with Charms

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The Bottom Line

These cheerleading charm necklaces from Cheer Chics are fabulous and fun. The magnetic attachment idea is genius and it really keeps the charms in place but makes them easy to change out. If you're looking for a gift for a cheerleader or for yourself, you have to check out Cheer Chics' Charm necklaces and other products.


  • Interchangeable Charms for necklaces and chokerss
  • Quality materials and reasonably priced.
  • Good variety of charms including lot of cheerleading ones.
  • Great company to work with.
  • Can customize charms.


  • None.


  • Necklace or choker length material that has a charm holder attached.
  • Interchangeable magnetic charms in a variety of styles.
  • Great company that also makes cheer and dance hair products.

Guide Review - Cheer Chics' Charm Necklaces

The Cheer Chics'charm necklaces are adorable. They come in two lengths (choker and regular necklace length)and have interchangeable charms in lots of different styles and designs. Best of all they are reasonably priced. Cheer Chics' Charm necklaces make great gifts or you can treat yourself to one or two.

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