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GK Elite Sportswear Cheerleading Uniforms

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GK Elite Sportswear Cheerleading Uniforms

GK Elite Sportswear Cheerleading Uniforms

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The Bottom Line

The quality, workmanship and the thought that went into the GK Elite Sportswear uniforms I reviewed was nothing short of outstanding. I love that have taken 28 years of experience in the gymnastics market and applied it to cheerleading.


  • Unusual designs that will stand out on the performance mat
  • Great quality and workmanship
  • Engineered for performance
  • Large variety of fabrics and colors
  • Reputable company


  • None


  • Unique designs available.
  • Tops come in two styles; full tops or crop style tops. Skirts are available in regular rise or low rise.
  • Wide variety of fabric available. Just a sample of some fabric choices include velvet, foil, sparkle and metallic.
  • Wide variety of color choices.
  • Free fabric swatches upon request.
  • Special Order Design Studio available online.
  • Reasonable delivery considering the uniforms are custom made.
  • Pieces can be embellished with jewels, embroidery, and imprinting.
  • Free catalogs can be ordered online if you are a dealer or have a GK Elite customer# or supply all business information.

Guide Review - GK Elite Sportswear Cheerleading Uniforms

The top and skirt I reviewed were of the highest quality workmanship. The fabrics had a nice stretch to them but still bounced right back to their original shape after many washings. This, along with the flat seams, added to the comfort of the pieces as well as the functionality. GK Elite Sportswear has put their 28 years of outfitting gymnasts into making outstanding uniforms for cheerleaders. These are definitely not your mother's cheerleading uniforms. They are innovative in design and most importantly, they are engineered for performance. One note: as with any cheerleading uniform, you should follow all washing, drying and care instructions.

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