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Coaching Cheerleading - Resources for Coaches and Advisors

Information and resources for Cheerleading coaches and advisors.
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Cheerleading Coaches' Conferences
Upcoming cheerleading coaches conferences 2011

Young Champions Cheerleading Program
Company Profile for Young Champions Cheerleading Program

A Coaches Behavior
Coaching cheerleading, how coaches should behave.

2007 SITA Spirit Industry Awards
Presented in an exciting gala on Saturday, September 29, 2007 at the JW Marriott Hotel in New Orleans, LA, the 2007 Spirit Industry Awards was attended by more than 100 representatives of cheer and dance camp, competition and affiliate companies. Winners in 18 different awards categories were presented with beautiful crystal megaphone statues and framed certificates. The following is a list of the 2007 Spirit Industry Award recipients.

Web Cheer Coach - Cheerleading Web site - WebCheerCoach.com
WebCheerCoach.com Company Profile - A web site where you can get your skills or routines evaluated by an experienced judge.

USASF and NACCC Announce Summer Tour
USASF and NACCC announce their 2007 summer tour

Gimme a C-R-A-Z-E-D -- FBI Seeking Weird Cheerleading Fan
The FBI is asking for help in locating a weird cheerleading fan who has sent threatening letters about media coverage of cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders Gone Wild
Cheerleading Squad in Texas Goes Over the Top

2006 American School Spirit Awards
2006 American School Spirit Awards - Winning Cheerleading Squads

2006 SITA Awards - Affiliate Companies
Winners of the 2006 SITA Awards for Affiliate Companies.

2006 SITA Awards - Merit Award Winners
Spirit Industry Trade Association SITA 2006 Merit Award winners, from your About Cheerleading Guide.

Cheerleading Coaching Resources
Here you'll find the top resources that every coach needs.

OSU Makes Drastic Changes to Cheerleading Program
Oregon State University end their traditional cheerleading program

Is Cheerleading too Dangerous? Cheerleading Injuries Double
Cheerleading injuries double in the last 12 years, is the sport getting too dangerous?

Cheerleading Safety - What Cheerleaders and Coaches Should Know
Cheerleading safety, what cheerleaders and coaches should know.

Jackrabbit Class - Product Review
A great solution for gym or cheer class coaches, Jackrabbit Class - Product Review.

Coaching Cheerleading Successfully Product Review
Coaching Cheerleading Successfully Second Edition, book by Linda Rae Chappell.

Who Should Control Cheerleaders?
Who Should Control the Cheerleaders? An article on regulating the sport of cheerleading, by Valerie Ninemire

Coaching Jobs - Openings for Coaching Positions
Coaching jobs and openings for employment in the field of coaching cheerleading and dance.

Developing a Successful Cheerleading Program
Whether you're a beginner coach or a seasoned one, this book will make a great addition to your resources. Pam Headridge and Nancy Garr have worked hard to put together a book that can easily become your "bible" for coaching cheerleading successfully.

Creating an All Star Squad - Book Review
An excellent book on how to create an all star squad. Lots of relevant information and very easy to read. This book covers everything from the "Starting Point" to "Fundraising. If you're thinking of starting up an all star squad, start here.

Starting a Coed Squad at Your High School
Dynamic. Powerful. Athletic. Exciting. Phat. Nontraditional. These words all describe my mind's picture of coed cheerleading. Maybe it's the monstrous basket tosses. Maybe it's the pure exhilaration of toss overhead stunts. Maybe it's the beauty of synchronized tumbling seven feet off the ground. Whatever it is, it's what makes coed cheerleading one of the greatest games around.

Coach's Eye
I purchased the Coach’s Eye app for my Motorola Xoom 2 on the recommendation of a friend, who is also a cheerleading coach. The Coach’s Eye app allows you to analyze your athletes, either one by one or as a team and not miss a single athlete or a single beat!

6 Tips for Coaching Tiny & Mini Teams
6 tips for coaching tiny and mini athletes, or those under the age of eight.

Toubleshooting Skills with SOAR
SOAR, a safe, effective method for troubleshooting, can help you examine and correct a failed skill while protecting your athletes from injury.

The Great Sport Debate:
Is Cheerleading a sport or not? It is a debate that has been going on for decades. Now, if you are reading this, it is a fair bet to say that you are a cheerleader. You are jumping up and down right now shouting ‘Of course it’s a sport!’, aren’t you. I agree. Sadly, there are still quite a few people that need convincing.

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