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Is Cheerleading Getting too Sexy? No More Bumpin' and Grindin'

Do We Need Laws Outlawing Suggestive Moves by Cheerleaders?


Updated March 21, 2005
Texas State Representative Al Edwards(D-Houston) has proposed a bill that would reduce state funding to any high school that allows "sexually suggestive" performances by its cheerleaders. The bill, if passed, would prohibits dance, drill and cheerleading teams from performing "in a sexually suggestive manner at an athletic or other extracurricular event or competitions sponsored by a school district or campus." So, I ask, how do you feel about laws that control cheerleading and more specifically the content of their routines? Should this behavior be regulated by our lawmakers or should parents, teachers, judges and coaches make these decisions.

I admit there may be times when squads or teams cross the line and need reining in, but should it be our lawmakers deciding or should the teachers, coaches, and parents decide. Here are my thoughts on the subject:

  • Schools are for teaching, so why isn't the squad taught what's appropriate and what's not. If coaches would talk to the team members and explain the reasons why they shouldn't do something, wouldn't that be a better way to handle it?
  • Cheerleading performances are attended by families and the audience is there for clean fun and entertainment, the squad should realize this and set an good example for anyone in the stands. They should think about the little girls out there that are looking up to them and wanting to be just like them.
  • If I saw something at an event I thought was inappropriate or offensive, I'd report it to the athletic director, principal or coach, wouldn't you? I wouldn't expect my state representative to have to write a law to stop it.
  • As a parent, if my child was asked to perform in a sexually suggestive manner I thought was lewd or risque, I'd refuse to allow it and talk to the coach about it, wouldn't you?

Sure we need laws, but do we need them to dictate good common sense and what is morally right? Has cheerleading become too sexy? Are we asking our young children to behave in a sexually suggestive way with bumpin' and grindin' dance moves? I'd love to hear your opinion and what you think -- Join the Discussion.
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