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Cheerleader Fitness, Flexibility, Health, Conditioning and Beauty

Cheerleaders Conditioning, Fitness, Health and Beauty for Cheerleading
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CDC Offers Free Online Training Course on Concussions
Heads Up online training for coaches, parents and athletes to learn more about concussions in youth sports.

Soffe Sponsors 5th Annual Fresh Face Competition in Partnership with CheerSport
Soffe and CheerSport Partner in 5th Annual Fresh Face Competition

Make Your Own Beauty Products
Look beautiful with these homemade beauty products for cheerleaders.

BA Star Makeup and Glitter Stickers for Cheerleaders
BA Star makeup and glitter stickers for cheerleaders.

Train2Cheer Cheerleading Fitness and Conditioning Video
Train2Cheer Cheerleading Fitness and Conditioning Video

Share Your Cheerleading Resolution for 2010
Cheerleading New Year's Resolutions - Share Yours

Staying Healthy at Cheerleading Camp - 4 Cheerleaders Get Swine Flu at Camp
Tips and advice on staying healthy at cheerleading camp

Cheeracise Cheer Like a Pro to Offer Workshops
Cheeracise Cheer Like a Pro Workshops

Cheeracise Cheer Like a Pro DVD
Cheeracise Cheer Like a Pro Exercise and Dance Routine DVD

Sizzlin' Summer - Stay Cool Cheerleading
For Cheerleaders and Coaches: Staying Safe and Cool During the Sizzlin' Summer Heat.

Knee Bands for Cheerleading
Knee Bands for Cheerleading Guide Review

Paula Abdul's Cardio Cheer
Paula Abdul's Cardio Cheer

Mae-Flyer Product Review
Mae-Flyer Product Review For Cheerleaders

Vew-Do Balance Boards
Vew-Do Balance Boards used to improve balance and coordination in sports. Review from your About Cheerleading Guide

Get Flexible Fast!
Aside from allowing you to pull a beautiful bow and arrow or stunning spike, being flexible helps prevent injury by increasing range of motion in the joints and helps with other skills which are important for all cheerleaders.

Wednesday Work Out: The 5-10-15-20
Want to burn more calories, but struggle to find the time? This short full-body work out can be done in only a few minutes and burns around 100 calories-- the equivalent of a fun-size candy bar. To complete The 5-10-15-20 Work Out, do each of the four sets of exercises back-to-back and then repeat the entire workout. Want to burn 200 calories? Do it four times. You can even sneak it in at five different times during the day to burn 500 calories!

The 2-2-1 Food Pyramid For Cheerleaders:
Healthy eating for cheerleaders in the form of a 2-2-1 food pyramid.

Weight Training For Male Cheerleaders
Use these exercises to develop the upper body strength needed to perform even the toughest stunts.

The 2-2-1 Food Pyramid For Cheerleaders
Part 2 of the article The 2-2-1 Food Pyramid For Cheerleaders covers protein, water, and snacks.

Wednesday Work Out: Strengthen Your Ankles
Isometric exercises, or exercises where you push against a fixed object to engage only the muscles and ligaments while holding the joint still, are an ideal way to build the area around your ankle joints.

Friday Flexibility: Side Splits
Stretch to achieve your side splits with these exercises.

Wednesday Work Out:
The key to improving jump height through training is finding the right exercises which target the muscles needed to give you the explosive power in your legs to make your jumps soar.

Fresh, Fit, & Fierce
When our athletes are not their best, they do no perform well in practice. Follow these four tips to stay your best all summer long.

Improve Your Back & Shoulder Flexibility With Backbends
Back and shoulder flexibility are vital in a number of skills for tumbling, stunting, jumping, and even dancing.

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