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FAQ: How To Do the Splits
Tips and Instructions on Doing the Splits
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Some people are just more naturally flexible than others. I believe that ANYONE who really works at it can learn to do the splits. However, before you try to get into a split, be sure you have stretched your legs.

Try a pike stretch 1st; sit on the floor on a pike, legs straight, toes pointed, and try and get your nose as close to your knees as you can. Hold for 30 seconds. Next, flex your feet, keeping the nose as far down as possible. After you have done this, sit in a wide straddle, and attempt to get your elbows on the floor. Hold 30 seconds, then reach your hands as far out as possible, attempting to put your nose on the floor. Again, hold 30 seconds.

Next, place either leg in front, and lunge from your knee; your rear knee is on the floor, your front foot is far in front. Hold 30 seconds, then sit back, straighten the front leg, and try to place your nose on your knees. Then slide as far into the split as you are able. Repeat on the other side. Hold each position 30 seconds.

NEVER bounce while stretching or push yourself past the point of pain. Slow and steady does it.

Many people feel that the body is more flexible after a warm bath, so you may want to try these drills after a warm bath. I advise doing this 2 times daily, morning and evening. If you keep at it, you should see a lot of improvement in your flexibility.

The above information is used with the permission of Lee, a host of the Gymnastics Forum. Please note: advice given in this article is opinion and may not be the best advice for *you*. Always consult a gymnastics professional in your area, with your parents permission*

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