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Motions for Cheers

Here you'll find resources on cheerleading motions. From quizzes to photos, everything you need to know about motions are here.

Motion Quiz
How well do you know your Cheerleading motions? Do you think you can recognize them from a graphic and select the right answer? Test your cheerleading motion knowledge with our Cheer Motion Quiz.

Quick Tips for Doing Motions
Follow these tips to sharp, snappy Cheerleading motions.

Motion Magic
What makes a good Cheerleader into a great Cheerleader? Well, mostly it's the fact that "they know the basics." Sure, a terrific jump or stunt might wow a crowd, but when you're careless or lazy in your fundamental Cheerleading skills like motions, you're sure to lose points on any judging sheet. Get back to the basics, follow these tips and put the magic in your motions.

Common Cheeleading Motions
Illustrations and graphics of the common cheerleading motions.

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