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NBA Cheerleaders and Dancers

Explore this listing of NBA Cheerleaders and dance teams from your About Cheerleading guide.

About's Pro Basketball Site
About's Pro Basketball Guide, Michael Methvin, has a great site covering Professional Basketball.

Atlanta Hawks A-Town Dancers
A group of 18 energetic, personable, and talented dancers who perform at all Atlanta Hawks home games. History, photos, bios, and team poster.

Charlotte Hornets Honeybees
This talented dance team performs at all the Hornets games. Photos.

Chicago Bulls Luvabulls
Group of 25 dancers that perform at the Chicago Bulls games. They do promotion and charity work. Junior Luvabulls team too. Photos, team poster, audition info, and appearance rates.

Dallas Mavericks Dance Team
Twenty talented dancers that perform at the Dallas Mavericks games. Lots of good information about auditions. Photos.

Laker Girls
Picture and video of the Los Angeles Laker's Girls

Denver Nuggets Dancers
Announcement of the new Nugget Dancers.

Miami Heat Dancers
In their 11th season, this group of talented dancers have a great website with audition information, bios, photos and contact info.

New York Knicks City Dancers
Official site for the Knicks City Dancers. Videos, articles, photo gallery and much more.

Orlando Magic Dance Team
The Magic Dancers entertain audiences with high-energy and fast-paced routines. Junior dancers camp, photos, and appearance information.

San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers
Silver Dancers audition information. Itinerary, applications, criteria and much more.

Sacramento Kings Royal Court Dancers
Royal Court Dance photo gallery, upcoming appearances and audition information.

Utah Jazz Dancers
These young women spend upwards of 40 a week together whether it be in practice, attending games or doing promotional work. Audition information.

Washington Wizards Dance Team
Meet the newest members of the Washington Wizards Dance Team. Audition information.

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